Photogrammetry & Digital Twins

One of the most important aspects of creating virtual scenes is the quality of the objects within.  Simulating reality depends on the digital representation being realistic, and for many industries, a realistic model is the difference between a sale and a loss, or a critical decision decision being made correctly or incorrectly.

At Extality, we specialize in the techniques of capturing of real world objects and creating truly realistic digital counterparts.

Explore the model here by using the left-mouse button to rotate the view. Additional control instructions are available from the help "?" button.


1. Wireframe

After approximately 60 lighting-controlled photographs are captured of the object using Extality's proprietary capture techniques, a wireframe is generated of the object.


Clean wireframe with no errors or irrelevant parts

Between 10,000 - 1M+ triangles depending on need and final display intention

Ready for texturing

2. Image Texture Generation

High resolution textures are then generated from photographs to create surface detail on the model.


Between 256x256 to 4096x4096 or greater

Clean surface detail with minimal blurring and errors

Color-corrected for realistic similarity to source object


3. Combined

Wireframe and texture are combined to create the realistic output model.


Ready for AR/VR/Video/Mobile

Small overall data size if needed for web distribution

4. Integration

The model and texture are then integrated into an application, be it a VR/AR experience, mobile app, or web.

We look forward to learning about your projects and helping advise on how photogrammetry techniques can be revolutionary for your company.