We are experts at Unity Reflect.

Extality can help you get started right away.


As an official Unity Reflect partner, Extality can help you get the most out of this innovative new platform.

Extality's proprietary tools help Reflect load virtually any size Revit file, live, in real-time on mobile.

Extality's expert knowledge of Reflect allows us to build powerful custom software to fit your needs.

Extality can develop visualization tools, planning tools and high-performance BIM viewers that leverage Reflect technology.

Let's talk about how we can help your company get ahead of your competition by staying on the cutting edge.


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    The AR/VR partner you choose is critical to project success.

    At Extality, we are experts in several key areas.


    • Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality App Design & Development on Magic Leap, Hololens, iOS, Android, and other hardware.
    • Virtual Reality App Design & Development on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and other hardware.
    • Photorealistic 3D Scanning Capture of Products, Objects and Environments
    • Scalable & Reliable Cloud Infrastructure Development including application backends, content management systems, analytics backends.
    • Interaction Development, Content Development
    • Tool application development for content authoring and management.
    • End-to-End Content and Publishing pipeline design and optimizations.

    Extality 2019 AR/VR Portfolio

    A look at some of our recent projects.

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    Answers to some frequently asked questions.